Little Kickers & Teen Heat Programs

In 2004, Ivette Cortiella had a dream and her dream was to make a huge difference in our nation through health and fitness starting at an early age of childhood. She developed the Little Kickers (children/ages 5-12) and Teen Heat (teens/ages 13-17) Home Fitness programs in a DVD version, which combats the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. Her goal with Little Kickers & Teen Heat Programs is to provide parents, children & teachers with a proven regimen of healthy eating, rewarding and fun exercises all in the comforts of their own home, schools and in all Meltdown Centers. These fitness structured 6 week DVD programs has establishes healthy habits for the whole family and have produced lifetime results. We are very honored to announce that the Little Kickers & Teen Heat Fitness DVD Packages is a proud winner of the 2006 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award, the only award to ever be honored in four categories by “We did it, and we are very proud”.


She has created a Vitamin & Supplemental Line for children; vitamin for children ages 5-12 & Teens 13 -17, delicious nutritional bars and shakes specially designed by the Miami Children’s Hospital Director of Nutrition, and most importantly our 6 weeks structured fitness DVD collection series. she designed and brought to life a Mascot and his name is “Healthy Harry”. He has captured many children’s hearts as he plays a very important role in Children’s Health and Wellness throughout the world. Successfully, we have transformed thousands of children so far and still counting. Our Success stories have proven our programs work. We might not have the solution to STOP Childhood Obesity in our nation, but we do have the power to make a big difference and bring this high percentage level to a more controlled number!. We will not give up in changing children’s lives one child at a time!