Superfit Kids Multivitamins-Gummies! 60 count

Superfit Kids Multivitamins-Gummies! 60 count

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  • SUPPORT YOUR CHILD’S IMMUNE HEALTH — A complete◊ daily multivitamin provides your toddler, child, or teen with nutritional support for healthy growth and development; maintains healthy eyes, bones, teeth, heart, and immune health
  • With busy work, school, and leisure activities schedules, it is understandable that not all children get all the vitamins and minerals their body needs. For highly active children, as well as for children with dietary restrictions, obtaining certain vitamins can be difficult to obtain from just the food they eat. Choosing a Superfit Kids Gummy Bear Multivitamins for your child can help them to ensure that these Gummies are enhancing their health. Children need vitamins and nutrients daily to function. They need nutrients to develop and promote a healthy system. Although we adults need vitamins, children need them more. Your child’s going body needs all the multivitamins it needs to function and grow into a healthy adult.
  • Made & Bottled In the USA
  • Bottled in an FDA Registered Facility