The Main Problem Many studies have shown that exercise has ancillary health benefits such as increased brain functionality and improves self-esteem. It is no secret that the WORLD is experiencing an obesity epidemic, and children are not immune to weight disorders. As many of us already know, many children are now considered medically overweight which can lead to a lifetime of chronic disorders such as diabetes, eating disorders, low self-esteem, and heart/pulmonary diseases.

The Solution Meltdown Station’s goal is to provide children and teenagers between the ages of 5 and 17 with an expansive physical fitness facility that will provide them with the exercise they need to remain physically healthy. There are currently no physical fitness facilities in the United States or anywhere in other parts of the world that provide children with a comprehensive location from which to remain physically fit. At our Meltdown Station locations, we design a Just For Kids structured program that will provide youngsters with exercise equipment that are specifically designed just for them. Each machine is specially designed to allow the child to reach their ideal fitness level in a fun and safe manner. Hydraulic resistance works the muscular system without the risk of injury to growing bones and muscles. The amount of force they exert on the equipment is the amount of force they will receive in return. A child will never be challenged with resistance beyond their current level of strength. We have stations where children play games on game-bikes connected to gaming stations, Dance-Dance Revolution stations, and many other physical gaming systems. We offer a structured cardio program, nutrition supplements, healthy snack, and classes on how to prepare healthy meals. In our facility, the child will be actively moving from the minute their class starts to the minute their time is up.

Meltdown Station’s Mission Statement Meltdown Station is one of the leading contenders in the battle against obesity. Our identity is formed by sincere dedication and commitment to helping children in their knowledge to achieve proper nutrition and intentional physical activity throughout their lives. Our aim is to achieve success through education, guidance and directed perseverance. This very fundamental approach to good health needs to become a lifestyle change and requires ongoing reinforcement in order to have any appreciable effect on the epidemic of obesity in this country. I am very excited to bring to the table my expertise and professionalism and to have your help in searching for a solution to this worldwide epidemic.